Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Problem Is

Unfortunately the problem is not limited to one. Since I realize attention spans and free time can be limited, this blog will offer insight in smaller bits. Let's start with the Aken fiasco. Yes it is all over now and people may not care. I still feel the need to speak out. I was raised Roman Catholic and went to private schools my entire life. Yes I was sheltered by force not choice. That being said, anyone who went to Villa Joseph Marie High School will recall one teacher explaining why rape victims do not usually get pregnant. Yes that's right: It was taught in school!! Before you go off on the sperm can tell the difference between being shot out during a rape or normal sex think about the chemical change every doctor knows and acknowledges occurs when we are afraid. Adrenaline, for one, is released. I am certain there are other hormones and chemicals released when faced with a terrifying situation. These chemical COULD interfere with both the sperm and egg's ability to survive. Doesn't that make some sense? Nothing is failsafe and I certainly would not jump to any conclusion about whether a rape victim was scared enough to produce the required chemicals. The point is, that "Old wives tale" is out there. You are probably over 50 year old to have heard it, but it was out there at one time. Science has come a long way and so have we. We don't make judgments based on opinions. Unless is suits a particular cause. The problem with the Aken meltdown is not one doctor even addressed where his misconception may have come from. Everyone jumped on the bandwagon and decided to hang em high! That's the problem.

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