Saturday, October 1, 2016

Hillary is a CORRUPT Liar

This election season has been full of passion from both sides. Let's try to stick with facts. First let's acknowledge that mean words are NOT going to get you killed. Second let's acknowledge that no single person, not even President Obama, is capable of doing whatever they please. We do have checks and balances which often delay action on important issues. I mention this since Hillary's big catch phrase is "Trump should never have the nuclear codes." He may have them but he CANNOT just decide to push the "go" button. Hillary claimed to not only be flat broke but "in-debt" when she left the Whitehouse. Maybe that's why she stole furnishings. Miraculously, a foundation was formed, which was set up in such a convoluted way no agency can figure out the regulations by which it should be governed. Now she and Bill are worth over $100 MILLION. The majority of her campaign has been financed by 62 donors. That's right. Sixty-two people, each worth 100's of millions of dollars are paying for the ads and spin. George Soros has spent much of his money on dividing our country by busing in professional protesters to cities where there have been police involved shootings. Do you REALLY think he cares about black lives? Or is it more likely he wants to have the poor class and the rich class. Poor people have to do whatever it takes to survive. He will get his services cheaper if he keeps people down and in need. Why doesn't he set up a scholarship for worthy black kids? Because people like Hillary and him don't care about people for any reason other than serving their needs. Hillary continues to play the victim. She's treated differently because she's a woman. Horsecrap. She wants the sympathy vote too. Forget she called mentally challenged children "retards" during an Easter egg hunt. Forget she called her husband's many victims "Bimbos" and actively and passionately did everything she could to discredit them. Oh, but she's all for women. I don't care. I will be disgusted if SHE is the first woman president. Anyone who votes for her for that reason is selling REAL women short. Hillary lies repeatedly. Four Americans died in Benghazi and she had a film maker arrested. Think about that. He had NOTHING to do with the protest but was arrested and jailed because Hillary wanted to escape blame for her inaction. She worried more about offending the Libyan officials because our defenders wore the uniform of the U.S. It was more important NOT to offend them then it was to send help. That isn't even the entire reason she didn't send help but that's enough to show her lack of give a damn about Americans. Do you know why we were in Libya? Hillary agreed to overthrow Gaddafi for the French. He had given up his weapons of mass destruction, apologized for Lockerbie and was trying to be part of the civilized world. But France didn't like him. No FRENCH died during the attack on our embassy on 9/11! But Hillary has to keep her commitments to governments who support her through her foundation. It should also be noted that we were the only Western nation with an embassy in Libya. NEWSFLASH - Chris Stevens was there to aid in running guns and equipment to rebels in Syria. Another lie. Hillary said she had one device for convenience. That would be great if she had a sever that was secure and not open to every IT person, office staff and hundreds of people without ANY security clearance. She wants to control what history says about her. Don't be naive. Obama knew it. He emailed her at her personal address. I almost think back in 2008 there was a deal made between them. I'll throw in the towel but when you're 8 years are over, its my turn and you better have my back. Bottom line, Hillary can't be trusted with anyone's future but hers. She has spent ten times as much money on attack ads which conveniently leave out certain words or context. She has been in government so long she would probably pay $10 for a head of lettuce and think it was a bargain. For all the people who think she is the lesser of two evils remember she will load the Supreme Court with anti-constitution judges who will erode your right little by little. As I said, you may not like some of the words Trump uses but his words haven't gotten people killed. Let's not let Hillary kill the Unite States.