Friday, December 16, 2011

It's Just Not Right

I have a home health care worker who comes out to help with my Dad.  Recently she lost physical custody of her 9 year old son because she did not have a house of her own.  She rented a room but that was not considered enough.  Now she has been ordered to pay $300+ per month child support.  The problem is she does not make enough money to cover that expense. We are her only client and she only works 10 hours a week. She often cannot make it to her job because she has no gas.  I have given her gas money and begged her employer to find her additional work.  Apparently many people won't let a nice black girl into their home.  I understand not allowing "Hoodrats." but you need to give a person a chance before making a judgement. So here she is doing everything she can to do the right thing.  Her attorney was not her advocate or it would have never turned out the way it did.  Her "ex" ridicules her when she can't afford a birthday gift for her son.  She is in tears many times but she still does her job.  When she has no fuel she has someone drop her off.  She, like many others just can't get a break. 

Yes there are some out there who use and abuse the system.  Others however are trying their best and still falling further behind economically and emotionally.  How long before good people just give up? Programs out there to help people need to do a better job screening people's needs.  It may not be politically correct but why throw money and assistance at people who have no intention of getting out of the system? There are people who just need a little bit of help and they could get on firm ground and take it from there. The milionaires who won the Power Ball Lottery should set up an organization that help people like this; people who don't qualify for existing programs and are trying their best to get ahead and just need a break.

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