Saturday, June 11, 2016

The State of These United States

I decided to blog because the issues facing us are far too complicated to fit into 140 character blips. Let's start with the most current topic in the news today "Mitt Romney can't endorse Donald Trump." My, what a hypocritical nut job. Mitt Romney lost his attempts to be president. I'm sure he's bitter. In fact, all the career politicians are smacking themselves in the head and voicing frustration at the prospect of an unpolished, non-politician becoming president. Too bad. Remember Mitt was all for Obamacare (at least in Massachusetts)and was very pro-choice. Neither of these are GOP principles but he was supported, or at the very least, not publicly torn down, by "life long Republicans." Now, Donald Trump has exposed the corruption in Washington and has everybody scared. They say its because he makes racist remarks and is uncensored. If you look at all the statements for which Trump has been criticized however, you will notice there is truth in the statements and the media and liberal opponents have twisted the actual statements to make it appear Trump is a horrible person. The GOP needs to wake up. In order to attract more members, or at the very least, not become totally irrelevant in the future, they need to elect a candidate that has the capability to turn the economy around and will to protect the United States. If Trump is successful at these two tasks alone, the GOP will look like heroes to the majority of people and perhaps college campuses will stop whining about their hurt feelings and needing a safe space. They could then be in a position of strength. If they continue along the chosen path however, Hillary, a professional liar, who deliberately and willingly sacrificed American lives to further the Democrat party, will be elected. The GOP will be irrelevant from this election forward. In other words, either stop trying to destroy your candidate and find a way to work with him or watch as the United States is reduced to a nanny state, over regulated and destined to be over run by people with backbone, namely terrorists or power hungry dictators. Hillary Clinton is the biggest fraud on the campaign stage today. She tried to control how her story would be written in the history books by setting up a private server. It wasn't convenience. It was so she could control the flow of information about her. You should ask yourself, why would she need to do that? The answer is easy. Clinton has used her charitable foundation as a money laundering outlet to collect money from known violators of human rights in exchange for exerting her influence for their benefit. What more do you need to NOT want her to be president? More? OK, she lied, repeatedly, to the American people and the families of the fallen about Benghazi. She knew it was a terrorist attack yet insisted it was all about a video. Additionally, she made the decision NOT to send any help to those at the embassy. This was deliberate. The kingdom may have crumbled if news outlets looked into the details of why Chris Stevens was even in Libya. It is also important to note Clinton pushed for the ouster of Ghadafi because the French wanted him out. He was no international threat. He had given up his weapons of mass destruction and apologized for Lockerbie. Having Libya fall into the hands of various terrorists was the result. Hillary still had Chris Stevens stay behind after all other nations had pulled out. If the media gave a darn, it is easy to find out why. Clinton was instrumental in arming anti-government forces in various countries from Somalia to Egypt. Yet to hear it from her it is all Bush's fault. The Clintons are very clever however. They know people have short attention spans and can be easily confused if you run them around in circles long enough. She claims she has answered questions and offered her emails. She leaves out she deleted 1000's of emails before being stopped and her answers amounted to claiming she didn't do anything wrong and everyone is picking on her because she is a woman. Hillary is NOT entitled to be the first female president. If she is the best woman this country has to offer, we are in deep dodo. It deserves repeating. She is a purposeful liar who is only interested in herself. She has no substance and no honor. She is a disgrace. She's a great bullshit artist but she is amoral, evil and a hypocrite.