Thursday, August 21, 2014

What Is Racial Equality for You?

First, I have to say, if I had been a slave back in the day I would be annoyed at the people today who are trying to get ahead using my hard work and life experience as an excuse for them getting something for nothing. Slavery was not invented by the Europeans who took natives back to America. Tribes within Africa sold there enemies (also black) to the Europeans. From back in Roman times and before, slaves were the norm. They built the pyramids, served the kings and nobility, entertained the masses in fights to the death, etc. Black people have no lock on slavery. Stop acting like because things were done wrong in the past you are entitled to a free pass for bad behavior because its your culture. This should be a a strategy, wrong is wrong no matter what your color, sexual orientation, religion, gender. If one group stopped acting like they were the only people being mistreated the country may find a way to unite and actually affect change. As long as one group feels they are they only people being mistreated there will be divisions in our country. That makes us all weaker and more vulnerable to any sector that can unite behind a common cause. If police are using force excessively they are not just doing it with black people. Trust me, I've seen it with all people. What is happening though is some want the retroactive compensation for all the wrongs committed against them at the cost of others rights. It doesn't seem to matter to some that many people are struggling. It only matter that one group gets what they want, no matter if innocent people pay for their advances. That causes resentment and the cycle repeats. To all the protesters is Ferguson I ask "What does racial equality mean to you?" What do you need to see or feel before you feel you are not being persecuted? Do you have any responsibility for spreading the negative image of Ferguson? Michael Jackson said, I'm starting with the man in the mirror. Maybe, just maybe we should all be looking at ways we, as individuals, can adjust our actions to make the world better for everyone. Don't be so self absorbed. In unity there is strength. At the rate things are going, we are doomed to destroy ourselves while fighting for personal victories.