Thursday, May 24, 2012

Who's Who of Victims

    Yes both are victims.  Obviously Trayvon died.  That fact does not automatically lead you to the conclusion that George Zimmerman is the bad guy or maniac he has been portrayed as in the media.  If you look and listen to original statement and reports from immediately after officers arrived on the scene and yes, even the recording of the dispatcher, you should see how the story has changed.  It seems are more interested in sensationalism not fact finding.
      George Zimmerman's call to the police mentioned a suspicious black man.  He did not, as reported, use the "N" word but reporting he did got the fire started quickly.  He stated that these punks always get away.  He's right.  For whatever reason it seems by the time officers are able to respond to reports, the perpetrators are gone.  How many of us have witnessed a crime, called and waited thirty or more minutes for an officer to show up.  Perhaps George was only following the person to keep hm in sight and to be able to give the responding officer a chance to stop and question him.
      Of course for events to have unfolded differently everyone would have had to step back and been objective and not looking for a cause to rally around.  What disturbs me is the immediate branding of this incident as a hate crime and racial profiling.  That give the accuser the upper hand since the then accused has to fight on many different fronts.  I question why the father of Trayvon was permitted to speak to the girl who was talking to Trayvon on the phone prior to being questioned by the police.  Even people who originally saw things differently have since changed recollections.  Did they feel pressured by the forces calling for Zimmerman's head?
      I certainly do not feel Trayvon's family is overstating their loss.  They are grieving and want to find some value to the senseless death of a young man, their son.  The community however just wants blood.  They have no business being involved in any way aside from emotional support for the family.  It only adds to the sadness.  As long as people continue to add personal agenda to actual situations the problem will continue.  As long as you cannot trust the media to present objective reports people will be on the defense. 
     We should all care about the truth remembering we are not going to be right all the time and it may be the truth is somewhere in the middle.  It should  not be a winner take all mentality.  Everyone can win if truth prevails and we acknowledge mistakes but don't expect payment for the mistakes in perpetuity.